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Not all Businesses are Created SQL


What is SQL?

Structured Query Language is a database inquiry system which allows you to access and manipulate the data that your company has collected. The data is stored in the form of tables which display the records in an array of columns and rows. SQL is a language that developers know, however one that is not considered common knowledge by the marketing community.

Many SQL databases are available online as open source software. Some examples are MySQL, ProgreSQL, and Firebird SQL. In order for it to be considered SQL, it must include at least the following commands: Update, Delete, Insert, Where.

SQL query:

–          Select: the data that you access from the tables you have access to

–          From: these are the table that you access in order to get the data you seek.

–          Where: what are the conditions you want to have met, how are you going to connect the tables with the data

–          Group by- filtering you data based on a similarity

–          Order by: arrange your data in an order than makes sense to accomplish your goals

–          Limit: specify! (ex: only bring me 20 rows of data)

It doesn’t stop there however because SQL can include commands in categories such as Syntax, Select, Distinct, And & Or, and so on.

In order to use SQL In building your website, you must have access to a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or MySQL.

Examples of SQL in the Business World

In the finance world, Garanti Bank of Turkey, which is their second largest in the country increased productivity greatly by starting to use Microsoft SQL Server. Efficiency increased by over 50% and performance increased by over 70%.

Banco Central do Brasil increased their performance, reporting speed, and their scalability when they switched.

Read about more financial services that have benefited by clicking (here http://blogs.technet.com/b/dataplatforminsider/archive/2012/09/26/financial-services-companies-rely-on-sql-server-2012-to-deliver-the-new-standard-in-mission-critical-platforms.aspx)

These are real companies making real differences to the strength and value of their business by integrating SQL into their processes. Don’t ignore the numbers.

What can SQL do for Marketers?

SQL can be used for many tasks, the most relevant to marketers being to input or delete entries, retrieve data from your company’s database, and build new databases and manipulate old ones.

SQL is a valuable tool that can be used by marketers to manage your businesses data by running search queries within your database. Understanding SQL can open up opportunities to learn more about your customers and do so in a shorter period of time. Creating queries within your database helps you to search out specific criteria about your customers and categorize them in categories such as country, first name, last name, and length of time since their last purchase.

How does a marketer use this information?

Let’s say you are interested in running a campaign to recapture a group of customers who haven’t purchased in a while. You could run a query that identifies the name and email address of customers who have purchased product from you in the past, however have not purchased in the past month. You then are able to include only these customers in an email blast offering them 20% off their next purchase for a limited time only.

While narrowing down the scope of your campaign, SQL will enable you to effectively target and provide discounts to only those people whose purchasing has decreased. This eliminates frequent customers from receiving discounts, and offers an incentive to buy to those who you are trying to capture as frequent customers.


Why is it important to know as a marketer?

The efficiency that SQL allows is something that can take a marketer with knowledge, and turn them into a marketing team who is able to get things done. The more that you become a specialist on all of the tools that are used by your team, the more valuable you make yourself, as well as making yourself less expendable. In today’s business environment, the more skills you have, and the more technical work you are able to do yourself will have a great impact on your ability to get entry level jobs and impress employers. Learning SQL could be the clinch that seals the deal on your job search, so go out there are start training learning.

Where can you learn about SQL?

Find someone who knows what they’re talking about and ask them for a lesson. If there are questions that you want answered, then run your queries trying to answer those questions. When you run into a snag, ask a question. Learn by doing, and be productive while you do so.

If you don’t have any SQL experts in your network, there are also online resources available to help you out. http://www.w3schools.com/sql/default.asp?PHPSESSID=300ae3404d5fa2612f238abeebb8869c has a great training program to help you learn the basics of SQL and even offer a quiz at the end so you can test your knowledge. Besides that, just start searching the web, there are a number of free websites out there designed to help people like you learn this database language. Start exploring now.

Insights on Inbound Marketing and the Workings of SEO

Inbound Digital Marketing

Are your traditional marketing efforts continually leaving you with a lower than expected ROI? It could be due to a lack of inbound marketing techniques which are becoming more essential to capturing new customers than ever before. But what is inbound marketing?

content marketing

Inbound marketing focuses around the creation and effective placement of engaging and relevant content related to your industry that consumers will come across in their web browsing. The idea behind developing this content, is that when a potential customer is searching for information regarding a subject that interests them, they will come across your content and become familiar with it and once there is a certain level of trust, they will be more likely to listen to your suggestions. Within the content, there will undoubtedly be opportunities to plug your product or services, and because of the fact that you have already created value for them, they will be more likely to choose you over competitors. This content can be hosted on the business website itself, or elsewhere on the web, providing links to your website.

inbound marketing

One of the keys to successful inbound marketing is the quality of the content. The goal should be to focus your efforts on creating content that is accurate, interesting, and genuinely helpful to the consumer. Any content that you create will reflect on your business. Even if people aren’t aware that your business is the one creating the content it will reflect on you because the links to your website will create a trigger in the minds of the consumer, causing them to associate the bad or biased information with your business.

The people who are reached have already proven an interest in the product or service, therefore, they are farther along in the customer awareness cycle. These people now just need to be brought into the stages of brand liking and preference, which is accomplished through the trust you develop by continually striving to provide the most accurate and helpful content. A customer who believes that you are the most knowledgeable and well-intentioned in the industry will not only become your lifetime customer, but will also become one of your biggest salespersons. Through their word of mouth, reposting, and the buzz they create in the social media world, these customers will help drive traffic to your business, increase your sales, and reduce your need for expensive outbound marketing techniques that are less likely to have as high of a ROI.

inbound marketing 2

Effectively Measure Social and Email, While Guaranteeing Content Optimization

Hubspot is an inbound-marketing software company that has been helping businesses rethink the way reach their customers for years. They recently introduced new products that will change our ability to measure success in our social media and email marketing efforts. They have also developed software that optimizes content across all platforms.

Social Inbox

I’ll start by introducing Social Inbox. This software program allows you to identify which social media interactions are from your customers, and which ones are from your leads. This gives you an increased ability to coordinate your social media efforts more efficiently and provide more human interactions with your customers than ever before.

By taking a database of your leads, opportunities and customers, Social Inbox connects them to your social media interactions.  This distinction increases the human aspect of communication because you are able to address them in a more appropriate manner considering your current relationship with them. This is great for a marketing manager or a sales team who is able to identify high potential leads, and personalize an approach to them based on their profile information.


Signals is another software program that helps companies to manage their email campaigns and measure success. Signals allows the user to analyze emails on categories such as:

1. Did they open your email?

2. Did they click through?

3. Where did they click through?

4. What they are doing currently with regards to your content

5. Whether they became a potential sales lead.

These types of measurements are important to a business, not only for the fact that they let you know about the above mentioned items, but they give you the ability to see if your campaigns are effective, or if you’re just wasting your time.

Content Optimization System (COS)

This tool is one that is going to make user interface experts very happy in the future. The responsive design that is built into the program means that when you look at the website, social, email, blog, or any other online marketing campaign, the content will be optimized for your viewership by automatically adapting to the context of the users device. Cell phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and whatever crazy next generation devices they throw at you.